Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Judas Heart

During this season we think about the price our freedom cost our Lord. The costliest gift He gave was the freedom for us to choose, either to accept Him or reject Him, to serve Him or desert him. We know from our American history that freedom is not cheap, but when is freedom really freedom?  In “freedom” we are not really free.  We may have freedom but not the liberty to do as we well please.  There are certain obligations that come with that freedom, be it religious, political, or personal.  God is a perfect gentleman.  He does not force Himself on anyone.  I think the hardest thing we do is to let our loved ones go to try their independent wings, to learn from their own mistakes.  I am sure God has anxiously watched us make wrong choices or mistakes, even sometimes deliberately.  It would be so easy for Him to reach down and redirect our path.  But because He loves us, He allows us to make our own choices, even when they are to our detriment.
When I have read about Judas in the Bible, I think about someone who is sneaky, sinister, a betrayer.  I have been cut to the quick by reading Max Lucado’s comment in his Devotional Bible about Judas.  P.1364  “For all the things we don’t know about Judas, there is one thing we know for sure:  he had no relationship with the master.  He had seen Jesus, but he did not know Him.  He had heard Jesus, but he did not understand Him.  He had religion, but no relationship….Satan needed a special kind of man to betray our Lord.  He needed a man who had seen Jesus, but did not know him.  He had heard Jesus, but had missed out on the mission of Jesus.  Judas was this man.  He knew the empire but had never known the Man. Satan’s best tools of destruction are not from outside the church, they are from within the church.”
When I read this commentary I was cut to the quick! How many times have I treated my Lord so lightly, carelessly, so disrespectfully.  Without realizing it, I have again betrayed Him.  Thank God that He does not hold that against me. Praise God for His love that sent Christ to the cross, that we can indeed be redeemed! He was betrayed for the betrayers.
I have not blogged in awhile, a lot going on.  Gordon has suffered horribly with his back and neck.  Trying to postpone another back surgery, which seems imminent.  I seems we have had one crushing blow after the other.  Of course our business  has not been good, though finally picking up some with this beautiful weather.  His Mom is still in a nursing home, very unhappy there, but we feel there is no other alternative.  I am still able to help with the grandbabies, because I have had some wonderful help. We lost a very dear cousin of Gordon’s, someone He has been close to all his life.  They were such quality people, and he will be sorely missed, at home, at work, in his community and church, and his family.  But our loss is truly heaven’s gain.  Please be in prayer for his family and his wife, Coleen.  My Mom is doing fair.  She does have some breathing issues.  Has curtailed herself from driving after she had a problem with her eye. SO, we are taking turns “Driving Mrs. Gracie.”  Of course, she tries not to impose, and it has been nice to spend some extra time with her that we might not have otherwise.
Todd has been hired to work at Huntsville Fire Department.  He is doing his training now which will be for about 22 wks.  We are so proud of him, but that has added greatly to the problems with the shop.  He is so good with mechanical things, he has really put a dent in our seasonal business. I hasten to say that we hope and pray that he is able to apply himself and take advantage of this opportunity.
We are enjoying Brant & Elesha’s new addition.  She is such a sweet child and seems to have made the adjustment to our family rather easily. She has become Reese’s best buddy.  He needed one!!  More when I have a chance. Thanks for all your prayers.  I believe that is what has made the difference.  I am going on 6 years post op. Praise God!!

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